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Fun to be had! Memories to last a life time!

Fun to be had! Memories to last a life time!

Fun to be had! Memories to last a life time! Fun to be had! Memories to last a life time!

Why RENt?

Fun Element:


Well, I’ve already said it before but renting a photo booth adds to the uniqueness of the event! You don’t want people to just stand there making polite conversation but for them to truly engage and remember the event! The photo booth will help break the ice and comes with fun props and backdrops and you would definitely be fighting to go next!



Whether it be a huge wedding or a small gathering for your birthday or a business event, these mark some great phases of your life and you would always want to treasure memories. This is where renting the photo booth comes into handy. It helps you click the moments and helps you look back on great times!



Reminiscing your wedding day or your daughter’s first birthday when she’s off to college. Well, what do you do? Take out the photo albums and shed a tear as nostalgia seeps in. Your college party maybe which changed your life or your graduation party; all these moments need to be revisited and we provide the highest quality photos and ensure that your memories don’t fade away with time!

Thank You Gifts!


Bored of trying to replicate the same gift bags from another party or having a tough time putting together return gifts, then don’t fear when we are here! Perfect Pics Photo Booth allows you to take great, high quality pictures with your friends/family with fun props so you can give them out as Thank you gifts. Bye bye boring, hello classy!